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13th December, 2016

Community Service for children who volunteer at an early age have a powerful shaping force on lifelong values and a sense of purpose. Citizenship for Kidz Academy will provide young children with opportunities to learn skills such as problem solving, caring for others, self-confidence, self-esteem, contributing to society, etc. The Academy believes children who serve others are less likely to be involved in-at risk behaviours.

The Academy will create a Kidz Zone Volunteering Program that teaches children to have caring values towards others and to have empathy for other individuals. The Academy will work in partnership with families, educators, professionals, volunteers and sponsors to enhance young children to become contributors to society.

Here are the benefits of volunteering:




Caring attitude towards others

Contributor to society



Respect for authority

Create friendships

Make a difference in others lives and most importantly "have fun volunteering"!

Further details for joining the Kidz Zone Volunteer Program will be coming in 2017.

Naznin Dhanani, ECE. ITE. FRP.                            

Founder & Early Childhood Resource Advisor,     

Citizenship for Kidz Academy

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