His Highness the Aga Khan on Embracing Pluralism

"The world we seek is not a world where difference is erased, but where difference can be a powerful force for good, helping us to fashion a new sense of cooperation and coherence in our world, and to build together a better life for all".

October 15th, 2010, Institute of Canadian Citizenship

Naznin Dhanani, ECE. ITE. FRP.                             Founder & Early Childhood Resource Advisor,     Citizenship for Kidz Academy

Contact information:  786citizenshipforkidz@gmail.com

Naznin Dhanani is a licensed Early Childhood Educator and Infant-Toddler Educator and has certification in Administration in Early Childhood Services, Mother Goose, Early Learning Canada and Family Resource Practitioner Program.

She is the founder and creator of a Self-Care for ECE's & Practitioners Course.  

Naznin is a ECE Volunteer Advisor for the Aga Khan Development Network. As an ECE Resource Advisor and Founder, her focus is to research early childhood resources to support Early Childhood Educators, Health Professionals and Families.  Her vision is to teach children about Canada and support young children through the early years to become young citizens of Canada and the WorldNaznin’s goal is to continue to work towards an intervention strategy through engaging children and youth in volunteerism globally.

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Inaugurated on July 11th, 2016


Citizenship For Kidz Academy

Founder:  Naznin A. Dhanani

Mission Statement:

To design, deliver and engage children and families in learning about citizenship.


To goal of the Academy is to:

- enhance the Journey of Citizenship for Kidz

- learn ways how to incorporate citizenship in your early childhood classrooms

- discuss the benefits of teaching Citizenship

- engage families in the early childhood classrooms and in the community